are the prices of god armour goign to drop

are prices of god armour goign to drop more and more? last year zammy skirts for 500k now they are 300k. so would they drop even more next year?

prices drop and raise randomly… theres nuthing that can be said sure…

God armour isn’t the kind of item that goes up in value with time. Over time, more of them will be produced through the treasure trails, unlike rares, who’s number will only decrease. So if you consider this little bit of info, I think you can guess the answer.

I personally think they will slowly decrease to a point.

holy fesus!!..i havent been playing rs for 4 months and now even god armour r droping!!! ahh!!! im getting poor…hell!!/…lol!..

god armours have dropped so much don’t buy skirts

Yeah they are actually going down pretty fast…

Yeh i fink full sara is 3.2mil, Guthix is 2.2mil zammy is 2.4mil or guthix is 2.4mil i dunno =] Its somewhere around those lines anyhow