are these stats good for pk-in?

att 64
str 65
def 60
mage 50
range 41
prayer 33
hits 62

o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o :twisted:

i would have to say no they arent. the ideal pker needs to be pure
it looks like u chose melle so the ideal stas for melee are…

40 attack(no more no less)
1 def(no more)
70str(or more)
50 hp(or more)

what are you suppose to ear for armour?

Any stats are good forpking it just depends who your up against but yeah they are good

those are dumb pk stats u need defnece or ull die really fast everyone thinks its all in strength

And 1 def is wayto low it needs to be atleast 60 or 55 at your level 1 def ur get hit everytime and die fast

mayb a bit to low

i think they are decent

Yeah, they’re not bad. Level up your strength immensely.

Yeah they are good. but of course it does matter what your up against

no there good better then mine


anyway yeah they arent that great i would recommend raising str and def if you are being a melee’r (new term!) or if not raise your mage and be a mager

I’m just saying because his attack and strength are pretty good, now to be a good pker he has to level up his strength so he can hit higher. To be a good pker, it’s not really a good idea to level out all of your melee stats.

th stats bball kid wrote are fine even with 1 defense because u will be a low ocmbat lvl and when a higher comabt lvl attacks you, you can hit more than them

There is already a topic about this.

lol your defence is 50?>>

but i dont understand most of the best pure pkers are very low def lvl ???
but if you have a low lvl def you can be hit easyly and you cant wear any good armor so…

40-50 defense
40-55 attack maybe more…
55+ str…
Hits what ever averages…

Str try to keep above attack by 5-10 levels min… keep that distance… don’t go over 50defense right away keep it about 10-15 under your str

Defense only helps get rune armour… if your member then 60 defense but str should be 70-75 soon after…

tip buy the best food you can or your well… dead!

and always go pking with a friend if you can and never bring what you cant afford to loose. NEVER!

get ur prayer to 43 then they’ll be good for pkin (in free world)