Are you looking foward to Thanksgiving?

Are you looking foward to Thanksgiving and why?

Yes I am because I don’t get to see my extened family much especially my cousins from Ohio and my cousin North Jersey. Its hosted at my house so my dad cooks everything. I LOVE to cook so this a great time to help cook and have fun.

Yes…I like to eat on the day =P

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Scotland, I think it’s a purely American holiday.

Turkeys = Yummy :yummy:

thanksgiving was in october for me (canada)

lol and no im not cause its 11 months from now

See my avvy :slight_smile:

See my avvy :slight_smile:

Yummy Turkey, mashed potatoes, and kid wine :tongue:

i can’t wait, i luv eatin food my aunt makes the best :hyper:

Thanksgiving seems to be the time of the year I’m most hungry :slight_smile: Me and my family go out to eat and I bet money to eat it all…:slight_smile: Ah, lifes good

lol kid wine? is that accually wine or just something u call a drink

I like Thanksgiving at my house. Always lots of food to eat. And dog lover my niece has a screen name just like yours.

Food friends and family… Yup.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because on Thursday, I’m having two parties, and friends are coming over to celebrate… It’s going to be fun, and the food will probably be delicious… My mom’s birthday is on the 27th, so I’m also looking forward to that, along with much more… Overall, Thanksgiving is a great time, without worrying about tests and homework in school…

The other best part of Thanksgiving. I get that day off work. W00t!