Argh!!! We have a Tornado!

WOW I’m looking at my radar and there is lite purple everywhere and a crazy storm outside! This is awesome! I love storms, they give me energy.

:pirate: Arimosa

ps. if i dont reply, i’m probably screwed, metophorically, not literally.

well…hope u survive the tornando…storms are pretty cool…they make u nervous sometimes if ur alone in the house…

i’m alive. it never actually touched down, just looked cool up in teh air. i laughed and went outside for 20 minutes. the hail hurt.

It seems to me that you guys like tornadoes…
glad to hear you’re alright. I can’t believe you were laughing at the air for 20 mins in the hail but anyway…

its a westerners thing =D i miss the west >_<

screwed by a tornado? THis is not the time nor place to elaborate on that one… :wink:

lol, awsome. tornadoes are so cool looking.

Yes they are, but lighting storms are cooler. I always thought abuot being a “lightning chaser”

I remember the last time we were hit by a storm. I didn’t even notice it was going on, not that I didn’t, it is just that I wasn’t watching the news… Boats on docks were taken by the storm, businesses were flooded, and people were trapped in trees… I was sitting at my computer on RSR and playing RuneScape… go figure…

wow is that a real pic Keyser? it looks really cool.

Yes, it’s a real picture. Lightning fascinates me. I can spend hours viewing lightning pictures on google.

ohh awesome, thats a nice pic. i thought the clouds were painted or somthin but the sun looks real so i was just wondering.

Grab a cub of coffee. Type in “Cactus” and “lightning” in google image search. Sit back and enjoy.

It’s not edited either. I can tell you that… If it were edited you could tell… It is really awesome!

-=~ J.T. ~=-

Lightning is so cool. It just gives you an image of what power looks like.

I was walking home from a friends house in a storm and a bolt of static electricity struck a tree 100 yards ahead of me… It was warm… I was like HOLY ****!!! OMFG!!!

that was like 3or 4 years ago. Now I sit outside in storms and watch trees sway like 15 feet. I giggle! lol… giggle…

:pirate: Arimosa

P.S. i was pming Eaglesfan during it. lol.

we dont get too many big stoms here in the northeast…but that lightning looks real cool keyser

Lol the northeast is the best! Woooot! Lol we got a really big storm where I’m from… (Sharon, MA) just this afternoon. It was loud :P… And arimosa you’re a crazy kid, goin out in that big storm! Lol


Bwhahaha!! POWER!!! Ultimate power! It’s all MINE!!

wakes up

looks around

hmm…what’s happening guys?

I am insane… yet my insanity is a minor setback. lol… I use funny words.

:pirate: Arimosa