Arimosa's Signature Shop

Well, I decided to try my hand at sigs/avatars. I would perfer some sort of RS payment, depending on the quality and how much I like it.

Sometimes I don’t even like my own sigs.

Render: (Please supply me with the URL)
Color of Text:

My sig-
Render: Well, whatever the hell the render I used was, I don’t remember.
Text: Arimosa Let me be your knight in shining armor, only good can come of this
Color of Text: Light-Brown; Papyrus
Notes: Move the passage to the lower corner.

sampls plz

Render: (Please supply me with the URL) Just size it down
Text: Dama, The Elder’s Scroll: Oblivion
Color of Text: Brownish
Notes: Thanks Ari :smiley:

See my signature? I made that one.