Arkathi-The Red Dragon

I have been apointed by The Great Ferkahhan as; Arkathi the red dragon!

I don’t quite get your point, but ok.

blushes Umm… runs away

Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Can I be an anthro-dragon? :smiley:

Don’t you mean flaps wings and flies away?

Mm… even better is

punches a hole through the fabric of reality and hurries through, closing the tear behind him

What does “Arkathi” mean?

It’s the name I thought would be most suitable for him.
In the language of my book, “Arkathi” means “The Thinker”

Just like “Ferkahhan” means “The Lonely One”

Blushes Your so Kind!

No offence right, but in my opinion; you’re afew sandwiches short of a picnic basket…

I don’t get it^^

Basically… I’m considered insane.

Yay, I thought i was the only one!

sighs and folds his six wings
Mm… Just have a very powerful imagination… Roleplaying is one of my main hobbies… I roleplay with other Anthro Artists.

Couldn’t agree more :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

Yeah… Well, Jolio, I respect you doing this, but at the moment I find it wierd. =/

Gratz though, Arkathi.

:open_mouth: I thought you loved me

Insane, Parris, what’s the difference?

Parris is the insane one…A couple of weeks ago in DT (design and tech) He got a piece of wood and pretended to be james bond. Then he taped 2 rulers together and made a sword! He started pretending it was real :S

You know each other? ^^

Well, its a bit…different. But congratz. You have to be pretty cool, to get a name from Jolio!