Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide was a period in history from 1915-1917 when 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey were killed by the Turkish Government. Turkey, in this time period, was under the control of the Ottoman Empire. This was another large event in history, like the Holocaust, but Turkey refuses to admit it occured. Also, it is not taught in America. Thoughts please…

Uhm, it wasnt like the holocaust. But why won’t turkey admit it? WHY?!? And how could a turkey kill 1.5 million people?!?!?!?!?!?

I don’t know anything on this topic, but denying a killing of 1.5 million is plain stupid. What did they do, destroy all historical evidence of it happening? Thats impossible, so I don’t know why they can’t admit it and be done. Can you supply some more background information? Thanks.


I know there were points in times when they killed greeks and kurds there but never heard about armaneins.

i hope you are being sarcastic…

For more info, go here:

Also, the US doesn’t teach anything about it in the school curriculum. To me, this seems extremely unjust and racist, it’s like a Holocaust that nobody has heard about.

hes justn saying that in the “holacaust” 100s of millions of poeple were murdered and that this doesnt evem compared to the jewish people, BUT!!! its still the same subject and a terrible thing that has hapended

100’s of millions? I thought that it was like 20+ million people. Well, if it was 100 million…

Excuse me if I’m not being sensitive, but with a crapload of AK47’s…

Don’t forget fire!

First of all get your facts strait. Turkey can’t admit that they did it because their country didn’t exist until after the first world war. It were the Ottomans that did it.

And no I don’t find it racist. If you want to learn about all the genocides in history then perhaps you should take a course in your school that teaches you about genocides that occured?

Greeks were relatively treated well and left alone to govern themselves for the most part in the Ottoman Empire until one day the Greeks declared independence and the Ottomans started attacking them to prevent the Greeks from seperating.