I’ve joined here in the hopes of finding other Runescape based artists. Is it just me, or does the art community surrounding Runescape seem to be exceptionally small, if not non-existant.

It love to see more artists, since I know a lot of people on here will be absolutely pouring out talent art-wise. Runescape is such a great basis for art - the range of subjects is just so diverse, which is why I’m surprised at the lack of it. I try to draw Runescape-based stuff as much as I can, but I know there will be people who’s art would make mine look like the dog threw it up…

…if there are any hidden Runescape artists out there, speak up now! It’d be great to meet you all, and see what you can do

is promptly pummeled by forum veterans OW.

I’m still taking RS art requests too, if anybody’s interested (you can find my art on my site)

has rotten tomatoes thrown at her OKAY. I leave.

Heh, same here but since I’m a lazy bum… I’m probably not going to get much done… BTW, you can always consult with Azgolar who is hour head forum graphics artist… But yeah, I’m pretty much gonna be making some character art concepts on my own… But good luck with it…