AstroShield is buying almost every ore/bar!

I do realize that there are many other people that are buying ores/bars so
that is why I will offer the highest prices…

For the following ores I will pay:

Iron Ore: 75 each
Coal Ore: 175 each
Silver Ore: 225 each
Gold Ore: 225 each
Mith Ore: 275 each
Adamant Ore: 800 each
Runite Ore: 6,000 each
***Rune Essense: 30 each if you have more than 1k to sell to me…(I am currently not buying any essense…I got more than enough for this week)

I will also buy the following bars:

Iron Bars: 150 each
Steel Bars: 500 each
Mithril Bars: 800 each
Adamantine Bars: 2k each
Runite Bars: 8k each

If you would like to sell me anything, please post here :slight_smile:

i’m gonna sell u steel bars…500gp!!!

Send me a private message please and add my username (AstroShield) on rs…Thanks!

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