Ok, I know all of you guys love religion topics, so here’s another one to keep you occupied. I haven’t been here for a while, because I’ve been busy being a traitor and working at RHQ :eek: but I’m back with a bang, and here to start a debate-ish-thing!

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Atheism- denial of the existence of God or gods and of any supernatural existence, to be distinguished from agnosticism , which holds that the existence cannot be proved. The term atheism has been used as an accusation against all who attack established orthodoxy, as in the trial of
^Definition from Encyclopedia Online^

Now, I wouldn’t put it exactly that way, I wouldn’t say that it’s a denial of the existence of God(s), but close to it.

I for one, am an atheist. I don’t believe that a “God” created the earth whole, and put the first two people (Adam and Eve) on it. Because, who created God? If He was the creator of human existence as we know it, who created him? I stick more to scientific terms, such as the Big Bang Theory. Which states that the Universe started by a cosmic explosion.

Heaven and Hell: Most true Christians belive that if you don’t follow a respected “god” you go to…well, hell. It is the one place that no one would ever want to go to – if it existed. This is a place exactly opposite of heaven. Heaven is the place up above where god let’s you rest eternally.

Now, if, when you die, you are reserected (sp?) as most people believe; why would there be a heaven and hell? If you live out life in so many different forms, what would the purpose of the two be?

I will get around to more facts later, but I would like to hear your opinions for now.

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Well I there was this footballer (Eric Kaper) was dieing and he died for 2 mins until the docotors revived him and he said there some bad news and some good news the good news is that there is no hell and the bad news there is no heaven and yeah though I dont know wether to belive or not and I one of my uncles saw a preist eat meat on good friday so I belive that the church are a bunch of crooks too.

sigh since you’ve posted the same question elsewere, I shall post my reply here too :wink:

Dipfur, I was considering quoting your post, and sticking my thought’s inbetween certain area’s however… I thought nah, leave that to Keyser and anyone else to do so

I believe in no religion, however I do not class myself as an athiest nor agnostic. To be one or the other, you have to have some form of belief that there is no god, or to believe in the theory of the big bang. I on the other hand believe in neither.

I’ve had many discussion’s/arguments with Keyser and other’s regarding the existance of god, many were heated to boiling point, yet I have always respected people’s opinion and I hope the same of mine.

I am probably one of few that believe in what they see and hear for themselves, since I can not bare witness to either the existance of god nor scientific “facts” I simply don’t believe.

For one, I once asked our local vicar a question. I asked him if he believed in re-incarnation. He said “No!”. So I then asked him if he doesn’t believe in re-incarnation how can he believe that “jesus” will return, surely that was a form of re-incarnation… to put it mildly, he was quite stumped… especially since I was only about 10 years old at the time.

Now… some people may suggest that re-incarnation involves the discovery of ones’ past… and that it is not of knowing that you have been re-incarnated, however as I pointed out to one friend who did actually point this out… by discovering, you at some point must have “known” something, or else how would you know what to discover.

Some of the quotes in the following are from another site. I would like to state this upfront so none of you think I’m pulling stuff from mid-air.

Whoever said man created all materials? And as for someone creating a god, it would be like the chicken and the egg. If someone created god, who created him? And if there is a god who created everything in the beginning, who would have created him?

It makes no sense to say that one man created life as we know it.

Being a true atheist, as stated in the definition in my first post, would mean that you don’t care what other people’s religion is. I was grown up to let people believe in what they belive in. Saying that I deny there is a god is saying that everyone, from Christians to Muslims, is wrong as to who they believe in.

Easter is celebrating the re-incarnation of “jesus”. I for one don’t believe in re-incarnation, but that doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate Easter. I don’t celebrate it like a lot of Christians do, and go to church all day. But I celebrate the way most Americans do…I find hidden eggs (by the way, what do eggs have to do with Easter?) and get candy. I don’t believe Easter is about getting presents either. My father and step-mother believe in spending tons of money on Easter like it was Christmas.

As for you sirkillalot…that made NO sense as to what this is pertaning to.

I feel so sorry for anyone who claims to not believe in God. It’s so sad! What kind of hope does one have if God did not exist? If His Son did not die on the cross for our sins? There would be NO hope at all…there would be nothing!
The Good News is that there IS a God and He loves us so very much! He sent His only Son to die in our place so that we may be with Him forever in Heaven! What an awesome Promise! What hope! Praise God!!

What kind of hope is there in waiting to die to go to heaven? We and those around us create our own hope in life. Our lives are what is important - there is nothing to go to after death.

If there is nothing after death, then where is any hope? What good is life?

The fact is that we do go somewhere when we die. Our earthly bodies die, but our soul (who we are) lives on forever either in heaven or hell. Where you go is truly up to you.
Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins so you may know Him personally and be with Him forever. He paid a VERY high price for your and my salvation.

Invite Jesus into your life today! Only He can give you the true joy and peace that you so desire. This world is only temporary and the things in it are only temporary, but the Lord is forever!

He loves you!!

The historic point in life is to try to survive to adulthood, then pass on your genes to the next generation.

A more contemporary point to human life is to create knowledge and culture to pass to the next generation, making them better people.

The individual human is irrelevant. Humanity as a whole is what is important.

PS. You’re not a Jehovah’s Witness are you? You’re certainly very persistently trying to convert people to Christianity. Just a warning, one tried to convert me before and ended up seeing a psychiatrist.

Thank you Makayla…but I wasn’t really looking for a church service. How do we KNOW there is/was a “God”? Just because there was a book that says some stuff. In some countries, people believe childeren are god’s because they have deformed/extra limbs.

The point of the post is Atheism. Not converting people to believe in god.

My oppinion on God is probably different then alot of people. I dont believe in things such a, “we lost the game, god hates me”, i dont believe god is controlliong and all powerful. I believe there is some assortment of supernatural forces out there. Something supperior to the rest of us, there are many events in histpry the are so unscientificly unexplainable that it can only be the work of a supernatural force beyond human beings. For example, the big bang: what started it, how did the materials compile. Honestly how do people believe one elderly man with white hair and a cain created everything there ever was, zero sense. I’m sorry it truthfully dosn’t,. how can you say this man controlls everything at once? Now I wrote this before scrolling down but looking I think my veiws are very similar of those of dipfur. Seriously think, how could one man do so much.

I am not a Jehovah Witness. I belong to a Methodist Church.

I love the Lord so much and it saddens me when I hear about people who say they don’t believe in Him. He has proven Himself over and over in my life. There are things that I would not have gotten through without Him. He is very real and His love is so real. I am so glad that I know Him personally and that I have the Promise of Eternal Life. You can have that too!

Personally, I don’t see Eternal Life as an attraction. If we lived forever, it would all get a bit samey and our lives would be pretty much worthless since there would be no point in ever doing anything since we literally would always be able to do it another day.

I think one day you will see it as even more than an “attaction”. Heaven is a place that is so wonderful, the human mind cannot conceive it! It is a place of pure peace, joy, happiness, glory…a place where all the evil things of this world are gone forever! There will be no more pain, sorrow, grief…God will wipe away the tears from our eyes! It will be glorious!!

No, that’s death.

Were no one and nothing can hurt you any more… when you are no more… you are nothing… you are gone.

End of story.

Not so.

Your body dies, but your soul lives on forever either in heaven or hell. We are so much more than flesh. We have a spirit, a soul that does not die.

If there was nothing after death, then what is the purpose of having a funeral or a memorial service for someone? What would you say? What are people supposed to feel? What about your loved ones? Wouldn’t you want to see them again?

Yes, there is life after death. God promises this to us and God cannot lie.

He loves you so very much.

Got it in one there… god can not lie… why? because god is a figment of people’s vivid imaginations.

God created you and He loves you.

I pray that one day you will realize this.

God bless you.

I realised at a very early age, that there is no god.

and stop sneezing!

God loves you! You are very precious to Him!

Once again, if you say so.