attepmting to make my own hybrid flower (also a progress log inside)

ok first off i should say what the climate i have for it is and the flowers:


Hybrid name:(if it actually works)

flower pot
gets light from sun rise to noon (maybe more)
half a cup of water is placed in every day

in this thread i will update its progress every few days or so and any1 who might actually be interested in my exprement can feel free to c/c my work or just give me tips or ideas to make it grow better

Day 1:
soil is moist i am hoping it will grow

Day 3:
ive decided to stop watering in for a day or two before i drown the seeds

Day 5:
finnally theres some leaves popping out

Day 6:
i found a leaf with a sinnia seed stuck in it im not sure if iits a marigold leak or a zinnia seed. i have i good feeling after seeing that on the leaf that it might work

How did you make the seeds become one? Grafting?


EDIT: BTW, I don’t think marigolds like lots of sun. Good choice for sunrise to 12. 12-3 pm has really bad sun.

Is this Runescape…? Then it should be there.

If not, please specify what it is, and put it in Games.

its real life alias

oh and digit i didn’t combine the seeds im trying it by planting them in the same hole and hopefully atleast 1 of each will root together

gl with it growing well. and cross you fingers that the roots will join

it it works ill post a pic

I think morphing flowers is a lot more complicated than that. But good luck with your experiment, I can’t wait to see pics :wink:

If the seeds are just together, they will still grow seperately, just really close together. :stuck_out_tongue:

To form a hybrid, you need to cross pollinate the plants once they have flowered, then sow the seed produced by the cross pollination.

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lol i tried once, tried to make a roagold(rose+marigold) lets just say things didnt work out for the best

its worth a try

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that is not needed keep it on topic

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