ATW (anti trout wars)

i made a sig ro put in your sig spot! DOWN WITH TROUTS! They are misleading, a waste of time, and are getting very anoying!
here is the code


for this

Ok, ummm dude that’s really freaky…

This is a copy of ABR this is pure SPAM mod lock this pls

I really agree. I even made some graphics for sigs to help u out. click here for them

i know, and i think trout wars should be banned also.

i know, and i think trout wars should be banned also.[/quote]

This is spam and trout war is funny

I totally disagree with ruining the enjoyment of whacking people with trout

i like troutwars just need a sig =D

I hate troutwars…just cus so many ppl have it and its completely misleading. Its pretty much lying to others to get em whacked with a fish in a stupid little game.

Uhhh… what is trout wars???

Dang. You got me with that link. I’ve only fallen for it twice. I don’t think this idea is spam and I totally agree with anti-trout wars. In fact, I just remembered Duke said that it’s banned now and warnings will be given out.

what are trout wars? :?

It’s where people give a link that they try to get people to click. There is like a counter on how many times you click. It is BANNED in RSR.

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Anybody with a link to trout wars has until next week to remove them. If they are still not removed at that time, warnings will be given out until they are removed.