Auction Houses

This is a idea i got from final fantasy 11 i dont know if its been posted but I think we should have 1 big auction house. You can acess it in any city and place stuff in and people can go through and check whats up for sale in the weapons and the armor categories. You can place it in there for 3 days and if its unsold its sent back to you. You can put the price you want on an item and if someone bids that within 3 days the money is sent to you and the item is sent to them. This made lives much easier in Final Fantasy and I beleive alot of people would like this here.

now… THATS A VERY GOOOOOOOOOOOD IDEA !!! but i just wonder,all of the suggestions that we made,will it be put up in rune scape or just from fun? but its a very good idea

I’m liking this idea, its kinda thought out!

:pirate: Arimosa

pretty cool thought, say it on rs forums

You should send this to Rs. If they created it, though, it would be members.

This idea is very creative and thought out! I would enjoy having auction houses and selling stuff to people and get money from it!

Yes I think this is a very good idea and should definately be done.

Great Idea! Send it1

Someone will have to post it for me I am not a member I cant post on the official Rune Scape forums. :frown:

good idea, hope a member sends it
that would be cool too have

sorry, cant help you send…im f2p too

if the auction idea that he thought of if for members then it will be quite unfair coz hes f2p just…

I never said I thought it should be members it should be for everyone so theres more armor weapons and stuff to buy. Also a bigger variety of it like nooby armor nooby weapons for the noobs and hi level armor and hi level weapons for the hi levels.