Auction on rune chain mail [sold!]

:slight_smile: im sellin rune chain. plz place ur bid here

this is so gonna b locked id quickly get ur title in lower case.

this should be LOCKED and get a new avatar. thats mine buddy! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

is that a problem? i didnt know having title in upercase could be a problem. sorry

quickly, on ur first post click edit and change the title.

im not sure how to change the title

oh i see thx

please don’t double post edit ypur previuos post and add it 2 it

thank u iced earth, it was kinda gettin annoyin

All of you, stop moderating. None of you are mods. The only one that is remotely close to a mod is handmedown.

I don’t think i was but as you know IcedEarth you and I discussed your avatar so now its mine.

no ones gonna post to actually buy the chainmail r they? :cry: