[auction] selling full rune (T)

start the bidding at 1.6mil as thats the lowest possible price on the rsr price guide. cash only unless its good items SOLD****

591k and addy g helm and kite 100 yews rune scimmy and ill be a slave for 1 month
all earnings in that month are urs

Good Luck Selling Rune (G) For That Price, Rune (T) Is 1.2 Minimum 1.5 Max.

Just a heads up.

rune t is only like 1.2-1.4mil in world 1…so i doubt u can get it for that price…
for the price your selling it for u can get rune g…
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well in the rsr price guide i added it all up and the minimum price 4 it all was 1.6mil