Auctioning laws!!!!! READ THE DETAILS!!!

i have 680 laws and i need to sell em. while waiting for replies, i will still be running. so i may have more in the end. offer your price not by total, but by how much u buy ea.


the right way-ill pay 300 ea

wrong way- ill pay 204k

get it? ok.
this is an auction, buy all or buy none. i will not sell any seperate groups of laws. like-ill buy 200 of em. dont do that. buy all or none and offer buy how much u pay ea.

Auction price start is 300 ea!

:hissyfit: auction ends when there has been no new post in 24 hours.:hissyfit:

Ill buy 300 each

RSN: Gmoney127

:flamed: ok you are winning at the moment lol. i am also getting more laws while we wait. if there is no new post within 24 hours, you can buy however many u want from me 300 ea.:flamed:

i buy 301 each

be reasonable…305 ea deal? if u agree u win. if not, ill wait.

it has been 24 hours I win rite

i offered 301 and thats my offer