auctioning off full black(g)

im auctioning off full black(g) with a skirt.
no stupid bids please.

You automatically get it if you bid exactly or more than 300k
sickmate 8)

ill big 1k plese

[b]Surely you can’t be serious. 1,000 bucks for a set worth more than 300,000? That’s not even funny, it’s just pathetic…

1,000 bucks might get you…hmm…full iron, maybe?[/b]

r u going to bid because if your not i want to get my baclk g now

loch or wahtever he said no stupid bidz, and i bid 100k for starts

i bid 101k

I bid 200K

I bid torn pages 3 and 4 and 20k!

to which book?

and anymore bids?..
sickmate 8)