Australia Day!!!

hey all u aussies, australia day is comin up, i can t wait! can u?
sickmate 8)

Ive never heard of Australia day…

How do you Austrailians celebrate Austrailia Day?

U proberly haven’t heard of it considering ur not australian! sickmate hav u seen that stupid add where this politician tells foreigners to get stuffed?

Is it like an Independence Day or something? (Sorry, I’m not Australian but I am curious unless I’m not allowed to know…) Well, other than that… I hope you guys have a happy Australia Day…

Its just a day to celebrate when europeans firts settled into
Australia. We have things like ferry races and parades and stuff. Its not that big but its fun.

comon aussie comon comon
lets start the first boozup woohoo

I think it is when Auastralia set off to Gallipolli (please correct my spelling). I dun noe much ppl who actually celebrate it … I dun

The First Australia day was in 1788 when Arthur Philp led the fisrt white people in to sydney harbour. Most aussies celebrate by watching fireworks and eating Lamb