Australian Clan *The Making* (Aussie's Only)

Just Post Your Name and Combat Stats

And then… we Shall discuss our clan and clan name!

There are no leaders we are all equal… unless we decide we want leaders

I’m a kiwi can I join? :smiley: :smiley:

RS name: Jacobien
Combat lvl: 88

I might join when i know a bit more about the clan.

Well about the clan we only have to wear one thing the same
Blue Cape
Bronze Helm

Flopster… Your counted in… whats ur Name and combat stats

I’ll think about joining. I posted that as a joke but I’m a little drivwn away by the bronze helm if you know what I mean?

Jacob congratulations on making 1000 posts! :smiley: :smiley:


No way!

I see… me and you are members it’d be something like a decorative helm :lol:

Flopster id like for you to join… We only need 5 members including myself

3 melee’s 1 ranger 1 mager