Autoing Ess Stopped

JaGeX updated the ess so thats now a secure way to make money.

For more info please visit,

U serious ? (if they have i made a shrewd deal last night).

Whoohooo, this is good news.

Yap very good news :smiley:

yeah good news yay at least my 10k ess in bank will be pure because i have a members item in there even though im f2p

:slight_smile: Grats and not so gratz

Cool, i think that means ess will go up in price.

I think this is a great idea. I know that I, being a f2p user, will get screwed if i ever try to sell ess, but that doesn’t really matter. If this will stop autoers, then I’m all for it. I just hope they don’t do some stupid thing like this with yews and force us free world yew sellers to loose high prices.

I bought 5k rune essence last night(i am a mem) and it is now pure essence wOOt!!!

Shit! Sorry for the profanity, but I think this is REALLY gonna bugger up the essence market! Damnit, no more making money in free worlds…

im happy with it…still dont know how this will affect auto miners… theyll just end up mining the noob ess and sell that to f2p people rcing… big problem for me have evil ess prices are gonna jump high …and my runcrafting profit goes down

whats the difference between pure and normal ess?

normal ess is for basic runes…pure ess is for like nats and laws

Basic Essences can only craft the 6 basic runes (air, mind, water, fire, body, earth).
Pure Essences can craft all types of runes.

wow. it seems JaGex actually did something to stop a mass majority of runscape player(autoers) from doing thier cheating sniveling leing weavel like cheating ways on runescape! i kinda like jagex now. i mean i didnt ABSOLOTLEY HATE THEM WITH MY MIND BODY AND SOUL but i did kinda dislike them wen they banned a few accounts here on rsr for something they didnt do. cool. oh, does the pure essence look any different or just the same but with a different name?

so is pure ess for p2ps only?

this screwed me over though =, cause i had bought some ess, reselling it, and now it’s not worth anything and i have an extra 20k ess in my bank =[

oops. im glad i sold all my 258 ess a few weeks ago. not like i made a profit or anything since im not good at merchanting.

kool, havn’t heard of pure rune ess b4 as i’m a f2p player.

I had 7k ess,i am a member,i have mining over 30 but not rc. Will this ess become pure or not??