Avatar Size

I think the max avatar size should be raised. If that is not possible then there should be the ability for the site to shrink down pictures as soon as the picture is inserted into the site. Not trying to pester but I liked it better when avatars were a bit bigger, 100x100 is quite small. Thanks,

i totally agree with you, im purplexed (get it? ur name is Purplexed_Soul? oh, never mind…)! the moment before i clicked this thread i was thinking exactly about that!..

Nice attempt at a joke. Lol. Well, thats about the only thing I miss about the old rsr, bigger avatars, and if your picture was to big, you wouldn’t have to dink around with microsoft paint to get it smaller, the site would automatically resize it.

Yeah I’d like that too. You should start a poll.

Just added a poll

What size would you like it to be? I may consider a small change.

Maybe 130 x 130, I had a neat Avvy made but now I can’t use it :frowning:


Can you make it so that if it’s too big that it automaticly resizes like on our last forums.

I just noticed your post count. Have you gotten 1000 posts in a mere matter of days?

yeah maybe even 150 x 150, 100 by 100 is kinda too small

Maybe a maximum of 200x200 or under 80k.

150 by 150 would be good. I think it’d be good if it automatically rezised it if it was too big.

Yah, 200 x 200 would be great, nice and big :slight_smile:


Er, that may be a little overwelming. An auto resizer on the site would be very conveniant though.
p.s I like the :bullwhip:

i would like 200x200 plz your cool duke could i get a job around here?

Not to be off-topic, but don’t just go out blaintly and ask. Try sending a pm or something.

Lol, Jinzo, if he thinks you are helpful with others, (Which you probably are) then you get the job…


180 best i could think of i was to :tired: to think of anything else

Um, duke? Do you plan on changing it?

p.s 900 posts

hey duke how come u avvy is larger then everybody elses

i don’t agree Duke’s avvy is bigger than every1 elses, the only difference is that it’s probably 100x100 exactly (just like mind :D), and so it’s square, that’s why it looks bigger, but it isn’t…

an auto-resizer would be much more useful than being able to have huge avvys, i think 120x120 or 150x150 would be reasonable if there was an auto-resizer, if not, then 180x180 would be cool :P…