avoiding dark wizards

You know these dark wizards defending a demon (the demon at the stonege area), well, although my stats aren’t good for the demon slayer quest, these guys did severity damage to my guy (4-6). Does anyone know how to avoid the dark wizards so i can have a chance to kill the demon?

Do you even have silverlight and the things to attack the demon?

well…i say get the demond in ur sight from afar…turn run on…ad gun it b4 the wizs even notice u lol…but if u really i mean REALLY want to not be touchd while fighting (i think) deirth get ur combat lvl to 41…then the lvl 20 dark wizs cant and wont attack u…

P.S. u can also get some friends to clear a way for u…

Or go to a busy world

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

wait, I thought the dark wizards are always agressive (even if u are in a ridiculously high lvl.)? Maybe I should go into a very cworded server to do this.

BTW, I am thinking to getting the silverwright sword.

lol…you need the Silverlight Sword to kill the demon…

you cant kill the demon without silverlight because it is for a quest.

Yeah, you have to get threee keys to get silverlight.

I used to be so afraid of the Dark Wizzys, I was so mad when they killed me and I lost 3k :p, Well, get your combat high so they don’t attack you :stuck_out_tongue:

That happened to me once, except I lost full studded.

I lost full studded and 3k there! I was a ranger and thought I could own them , I was so upset about the 3k :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I was training my range and they killed me.

what i did was i ran closest 2 the demon so they couldnt attack me. when the demon was alone (somewhat) i ran and attacked the demon. this worked 4 me hopefully 4 u too

i thought u needed silverlight to kill the demon, so why would you say im ‘thinking’ of getting silverlight?lol
attacking and running might work

I think you should go on a very busy world (1200-1800 people). Not one of the trading worlds though. In those there should be plenty of other player who’ll take care of the wizards whilst you kill the demon.