Awesome New Clan! Pking Lords

Welcome…the Pking Lords is a great clan with great tactics. This clan is for any rs2 players, lvls 50+. We have 1 pk trip every week and occasionaly will go to war with another clan. We share our Pks evenly among every1 helping in the kill. So join the Pking Lords TODAY!

any1 gonna join?

btw, we are currently looking for more mages and rangers

i will. but change the name. summat like black ice knights. il create a website for it. infact i alredy have. we can combine clans. we can call it the black ice lords or summat like that. go on my web addy.

Please stop double posting and bumping

hmm…how many members does ur clan have?

hmany does yours have?

well…we’re new, i think about 7 atm

have u been on my web addy?

yes, how many members do u guys have?

abowt 105

err…then no, because dont have enough members yet.