aww isnt he cute

this is my dog btw… hes round 2 and hes just so cute!! :o :o We took that photo when he was pulling on the carpet ( one of his obsessions 8O ) Hes called Lucky and hes a border collie ! :smiley:

Aww he is cute. I cannot tell a lie I love dogs! How old is he?

u friggin idiot he said 2

hes 2 yrs old :smiley: :smiley:

oh and here is my puppy
here he is again

aww, i love dogs!! how old is urs!! hes cute as too!!

lol thats an awesome dog!

well thtse r from when i got him (almost 3 years ago) he will be 3 in 2 days (april 4)

u friggin idiot he said 2[/quote]

He said he was round 2! That is what I thought he ment don’t go around calling me and anything because before you know it you will end up getting a warning for cursing and flaming people which in this case is me.

guys stop… all i wanted to do was show u a special part of my life and wanting u to comment on it … not turning it into a misunderstood argument… so pls no arguing … :wink:

Nice Dog… It looks very nice

I am sorry. I really was trying not to argue but he just called me an idiot and I hate jerks who just go around calling people names and calling people idiots or anything. I just cannot stand people like that. But your dog is very cute.

i sorry zues. lets look at another puppy!

rofl!!! nice fake!! 8/10!

Lol Cool the Hellhound is the cutest dog ever(lol). Nice picture. Your little puppy is so cute lol.

wow those puppies r aweseom… i wish i could get a dog :frowning:

lol he aint so lil nemore. that pic is 3 years old

heres another puppy… poor lil dog i got off the net lmao :lol: :lol:

Aww… Those are Looks around to make sure no one will hit me for saying this… cute puppy pics… Man, I wish I had a dog…

i agree… those are cute dogs… i forgot how many times i’ve wished for a dog, and never got one…