« Azn_owner0's (my pure) FIRST pk! »

here my FIRST pk on azn!

its pretty decent but i didnt get a pic of me right clicking it…
but i will list what i got
(if u dont believe me, ask Phrozen Ice…
i gave his pure alot of the stuff i pked)
-Dragon hide vams-
-Dragon hide legs-
-Leather body-
-Power ammy! :highfive:-
-54 iron arrows-
-13 trout-
-Red cape-
-Maple bow-
Heres the pic i got

Nice kills minus the s Alex =\

Dont u mean nice KILL (minus the “s”)

Nice but not as nice as me :cool:

Ahh…lucky dude winning a free ticket. I wan a ticket! :worried:

nice man what lvl were you and the guy you were killing? And whats ur pure’s stats???

Yay for xanther. Add my pure we can pk when your combats higher. Rsn= 0wnage ave

I have 30 att 31 str. and 56 range on my lvl 39 pure ill train melee so u can catch up :0

Is that a “0” or an “O”?

Heh. Nice job i guess. I think its a “0”

LMAO!!! I just read the chat box it says “Like lobbies eh?” and then he died loooool

niice kill

i think he meant : u like lobs, eh?

i was using lobs, he had trouts lol :smiley:

Nice first kill. I didnt start pking until later. Good luck pwning more players :slight_smile: