B-Day Drop Party!

Well, on April 20th it is my 13TH Birthday! I will finally be a teenager! And Sence this is really big for me, I am holding a drop party! It will be held in world 90 and will take place in the falador mansion!

Date: April 23rd (Sunday)
World: 90
Time: 3:00 Eastern
Place: Falador Mansion
Bring: Somthing at least 10K+
Gifts: I am always accepting :slight_smile:

Edit: I will be bringing 2 sets of full rune, and other assorted items, str pots (about 50), runes (200 Per Load) etc.

i most likely cant come but ill say happy birthday already! :slight_smile:

and btw add me just incase i get time to come…ill try and im gonna get u some present possibly too :wink:

okay i’ll come! but i stink at the time switching thingy :smiley:

ill be there =)
and happy b-day ur a cool teenager now :slight_smile:

sweet hopefully i can come

HAPPY BDAY I will try to come unless I am busy

wait fally mansion?
is that the castle or what??

Happy birthday man!

I’ll come, and i’ll try get ya something from a pk drop hopefully :slight_smile: Early Happy b day :slight_smile:

13 eh? Finally going into puberty i see…ah kekeke…I’ll be there with an item or two.

happy Bday i will try and come i might get u a present aswell :smiley: im gesiing that is 3pm not am

yea im definatly gonna come, i need to think about what ill drop though

Is it still going on? where at?

is it a f2p world cus im f2p atm…

Yes world 90 is f2p, but I dont know where its at

i might be able to come…i’ll check into it…

dud,e happy b day, but why a drop party? i dont like um. last one i was at, one dude kept tele-grabbin everything, and he got full rune and a rune scimmy, and everyone else got nuthing! including me! if u wanna make it fair, and make sure everyone gets sumthing, why dont u give everyone 1 item? sounds more fair, but do as u want.

doubt i can come but happy birthday anyways

where is the mansion!

Its next to all the houses, the big circle.

you really should be more specific next time, and also pm me, theghost0