bad accuracy

need some fast and easy ranged xp?
got alot of bolts that u can empty out like SMG clips?
well this pic is for u!!!

lol i had fun with this 1 except the yellow lines are supposed to be like firing :? didnt really turn out to well lol rate it! how do u like it?
:twisted:!!!the voice of the people!!! :twisted:

here if this is better great lol kind of all i did was erase the yellow with some other colors and let the pixles do the rest lol

3/10 lol nice try

yeah i didnt like it that much either i just put another crossbow up and thought it looked dull so i threw in some random yellow lines =P

hey…i did not realize what it was, upon further inspection, i rate 7/10

0/10, just a messy bunch of lines…

5/10… Not too original but I like the idea behind it…

likin the 7 out of 10… not the 0 lol i would have rated it about a 4 or 5 though… but the lines are intentional their like bullet trails… or bolt trails… or wtever :?

a good try; though sorry, ive seen MUCH better… try getting PSP8 (Paint Shop Pro 8) It works great. No pun on the rhyme scheme intended…

RATING: 5/10

Respectfully yours,

its just scribblles lol, but nice try 3/10.

“Ow! I shot myself with my crossbow!”
Inventive idea you had, Its also pretty funny:wink: