Bad driver Bad timming... a halo/runescape pic... rate plz!!

ok i just made this 1 but i couldnt get the runescape font so i had to import the text from a pic i took in rs :? and it didnt turn out so good trying to pixel the sky around the text so bear with me here and try to ignore that at the top… also on halo the crosshair was made to be transparent and the 2 of the corners were blue shaded so i just kind of ignored putting the crosshair over my dude but i’ll show u the origional pic and the pic i made and the pic wit text…

normal pic ^^^

pic with text ^^^

i accidently saved over the 1 with just me standing there but yeah i hope u like it

EDIT- rate it plz lol forgot to say that

lol, thats good :), make another 1.

Not bad i’d say 8/10. Pretty good!

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8.5/10 pretty creative!


Definetly some good work 9.5/10

Pretty creative idea, I like it thought 9/10

o yea, i dident rank…8/10

P.s, hey sports :P.

ty ppl lol i just found that picture laying around in my pictures thing and said lol i should put an rs guy in there but i was just messin around on CTF and nobody would join my halo server so i decided to test the laws of gravity :roll: 8O :o lol

great job!

great job 7/10

Good job on that pic, 7/10.

i love it

ill give it 9/10

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i give it 9/10 :smiley:

Sk8board44 advice,Watch Rule#18,srry

Excellent picture I give it a 9\10

Pretty good… I guess I’ll give it a 7.5/10…

PSST… 200th post… Yay… Sorry for being off-topic…

how u get halo pic

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