Ban Appeal Section/Category.

[b]Please do establish a Ban Appeal category, I’ll do the first appeal.

My account, jackofblades has been permanently banned for I believe sharing confidential Jagex information, I am unsure of the cause and have no idea why I was banned, I have a reputable amount of posts(1200+) and have been around for a long time (since 2005). I apologize for not abiding by the rules and violating the ToS, shall it happen again, an IP ban will be too less of a punishment.

Please do PM me back the results or just unban the respective account. I am able to supply more information along with the account password if necessary.


EDIT: I could’ve posted this in the “Forums Suggestions” category but this is more of an Admin Request/Appeal.[/b]

I really doubt anyone will see this for a long time, but I definitely as a user see no reason why you shouldn’t be unbanned. I mean, no one even posts now. Something you did that long ago is no issue, especially considering most mods don’t even follow the rules as they were back then.

Thanks for your support.