bank account

plz bigger bank account for non-membs!! even like 10 more spaces would help me!

If you want a bigger account, become a member. Simple.

i have the perfect idea for u… BECOME A MEMBER!!! then u can have a huge bank!

i think they should, members just got 46 more space a few days ago
sickmate 8)

yes, i forgot that, yay another good thing about my new membership

Plus, i think you should become a member

runescapes gonna lose out, all there adding is members, ive got aload of non member friends there all getting pissed because of that, some people arnt aloud members, my friend wants to become a member but because of his huge family playing rs, hes not aloud, hes pissed because everywere you see things saying become a member !, they should put some updates into non members, like the preist in peril and mortania series they could be non members, it would stop members scamming the bloody gloves, add more fun, keep players intrested. i mean look at games like mu, dont have to pay, better graphics, more fair, combat isnt stupid, like a lvl 50 beating a lvl 200, more then 1 carature, theres differnt races, rs is simply bigger, but i think theyl lose alot of players just by adding members updates

i agree we should have a protest for jagex to add more non-members quests like 20 more since ive done all and i want more items like treasure traials and boots and bigger bank!!! im almost gonna quit since i cant get more on runescape becuase my parents won’t let me be a member

you no what im a member ok i have more bank space then i can handle i only need 20 so hahaha and if they give free players every thing that members got then why even pay huh then they lose money so what if they lose free players there free players think about what they lose in money for bandwidth omg mods need to delete these topics more

Salem, reduce the size of your avatar or remove it immediately. It is too large.

They have been hard on non-members. I mean didn’t lumberyard used to be free players.

hey icedearth? why havent u deleted this yet? it says in the rules no posting about bigger bank accounts and nonmembers deserve more stuff and all that stuff
sickmate 8)

The point is that they will most likely keep the free-member worlds the same. They dont want to give away to much to non-members because of money, end of story, so quit whining. And yes, the rules say no complaining about free members.