Bank Fake Update!

:stretch: ahuh tis is skiller 2k5’s fake of his bank ive just fuxed it up and put down the prblems

OK here we go…:mischievo

Skiller tryed to make the impression that he had a big rich bank…
the first probelm any one could see that was the colour pixles messed up and some of the items bottems were chewed off.
Here is where i had my problem…

  1. colour Pixles messsed up
  2. nearly all items in bank were cut of at the bottem
  3. not enough items in bank
    Soz skiller its a wicked fake i just like making fakes better =D

ok heres my end result for it please rate my one =D :mischievo

EDIT: this is the end result :no: but people are saying the items are to far aprt (look post’s below) so here is the result witch the pictures are put together a little but still apart a bit :frowning:

soz for double posting but can someone reply :frowning:

Wow, It looks better but the dragon dragger looks abit to far apart.

-.- looks like a screenie from a local server if u ask me…

Items are (much) too far apart.

Yeah, its good but the items are too far apart… and you can see the cropping in parts :smiley:

Its good but, has anyone noticed that all the items are related numbers (72,22,47,33,4) If you changed that and the spacing it would be Flawless!

it was a fake that i remade my self :rotfl: i know items are 2 far apart i might fix that up =P

Nice fake bank lots of d stuff

items are to far appart

I KNOW THEY are way to far aprt dont SPAM dude =P…just go oute with the dude that said it and go "i agea with you :slight_smile: theres allways a way :slight_smile:

EDIT: i put some of the items together a little but there a bit to far apart still…it’s hard because theresonly 7 items in 1 row :rotfl:

Pefect but items still too far apart. Measure how far apart they are in RS and make them that same distance apart on your fake. no point guessing.

it looks good. But the dragon helm is to far apart. 8.5/10.

lol ill do that but im nnot sticking with this fake for any longer then 1 more hour…

Items are too far apart, sorry.
I rate it 3/10, not good enough.

very nice well done once again fnaa

ty i loooove fans :smiley: