Bank ~ Goals

Here I will be posting all of my goals, there screenshots, and I will also be posting my bank so you can see how much a bank can change during someones goal. This will A.) Help you understand how boring fishing/cooking is :p, B.) See how much money you can make with it, and C.) Motivate me to reach my goals.


Well, I am currently trying to become a Skiller so I have some pretty high goals, but most of them are not hard, just time consuming. 99 WC/FM, 99 Fish/Cook and 85 Mining/Smithing.

Currently Working On: Mining
Not Working On: Smith, Fishing/Cooking, WC/FM



!~Not Working On This ATM~!


!~Not Working On This ATM~!




!~Not Working On This ATM~!

Here Are All My Bank Screenshots.

April 9th, 2006, 1:50PM

BTW: I like small banks, I hate having huge banks with a lot of worthless stuff :stuck_out_tongue: I also need a very neat bank 24/7 :slight_smile:

Good luck, and good idea, worthless sjunk should be gone :slight_smile: Nice bank rate : 9.9/10

nice 9/10 for the bank and there some pretty hefty goals

there gna be well hard! im defintely goin to d drop party i need lobbies for training

nic bank there…care 2 make the pic bigger???

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

nice bank 9/10 and good luck with the stats

dont tell me those logs are magics :smiley:
pretty good and well organised bank mate :slight_smile: 9/10

nice bank 9.5/10
i also like the lobbys

how do u possibly have no junk in ur bank?? good luck btw

nice bank is that magic if it that is than its 24m… omg 9.5/10 need combat stuff…

Those are willows…

True, they’re not hard but time consuming. Well, good luck on the goals.

wow nice bank 9.5/10

If people are rating your bank 9/10 mine must be like 12/10…

It is nice and organized though, hope you reach your goals.

72 Fishing! W00T!

Nice bank!! Nice!! Good job on 72 fishing, must b boring.

zomg thats a TINY bank!
PS. me 72 Fishing as well :smiley:

EDIT: 74 Fishing 11/4/06 :smiley:

grats on 72 fishing

Hope you reach your goals soon :huge:

Anyway, your bank is ok, but oviously not teh best