bank sale everything is for sale

just post your offers for everything


whyd u put ur money and stats up?..that looks like a bank pic more than a bank sale.

cuz i was lazy and i posted it for rating and then i decided to sell stuff and was too lazy to fix the picture…please no more posts unlesss you have an offer or want to know what somethings selling for

how much for the laws, natures, cosmic, chaos, rune ess, and full rune…i dont have enough rite now, but i could cut u yews…but still tell me how much thanx
edit: i will also want a rune b axe thanx, and how much for the money…lol jk unless u dont want it :smile:

laws 500ea natures 300 ea chaos 125ea ess is 30 ea
rune ill break up into pieces
plate 75k
kite 55k
legs 55k
full helm 35k
baxe 55k

but i only accept cash so cut yews sell yews for cash and buy items from me

i’ll buy all gems…add conquest_war

Ill buy the mind runes, the water runes and fire staff. how much?
And what type of bows are those

the bows are oak and i sold the fire staff

ps whats ur rsn

I’ll buy the money for 10k!!!=P

that was just stupid dont ever post again

do u sell rune stuff ? like the pl8 ,legs n helm…if yes how much r they…
ps. if u wanna tell me pls pm me in runescape
runescape name:scholarship

plate 75k helm 35k legs 55k

buying all gems offer me ???

ill buy your r ess well 1k of um 30k

add me jinzo 91


sure ill accept that deal for the ess

ill take the ess for 20 each!

i buy the plate for 70

always buying anti d fire sheilds… illb uy both say about … 1,800

i dont want nothin thou see ya

i buy 1k coal 100k gandalf 2019