Bank Sale Including Rune Boots

bank sales gotta luv dem…anyway

rune boots:320k
rune helm:28k
rune body:75k
ring of wealth:85k
granite sheild:100k sold
mystic hat:15k

prices are firm !happy buying post here or pm zmz44

seems everything is overpriced

i will buy the rune helmet for 23k

answer fast or forget it

oh my rs user is joseelbest

i buy the mystic helm :smiley:

yea way over priced ill buy the rune boots for 250k

rip off major
rune boots:320k>>>>250k usual price
rune helm:28k>>>20k usual price
rune body:75k>>>70k usual price
ring of wealth:85k>>>65-75k usual price
granite sheild:100k sold<<<priced rite
mystic hat:15k>>>10k usual price