bank sale

im having a bank sale i have cannon blue mask all jems a lot of herbs and other stuff a lot of coal if u wanna see wat i got add me sagoz ill see wat i can sell you.

I’ll pay 600k for the blue mask.

k et on right now im on

I am on, and I also noticed this is the wrong forum.

sry add sagoz

how much u selling coal for

im selling the coal for 200 each.

how much coal do u have? :?:

I’ll buy herbs depending on type and gems too.


I dont have any more jems but i have a few herbs i dont know wat type i cant get on right now and check. I am also out of coal. I now have 3 dragon longs for sell for 100k each.

is this a memebr only sale?

if it is…i need to become a member…im missing out on all the fun!

ya all the stuff im sellin is member sry


okay please dont post here if it doesnt have anything to do with my bank sale dont post hi on here just to get more post counts.