Bank Sale

I am selling the following things. I will give an area of prices I would like to get.

Red headband - 30k
Dragon dagger p - 45k
Dragon dagger p - 45k
Guthix page 1 - 90-100k
Blue beret - 85k

update - I sold the santa hat

What’s a red headband?
And can F2P wear it?

No sorry, it is P2P. Everything there except the santa is P2P.

That means I can only buy the santa and I dont have enough money…

If you have the black g that is pictured in your avatar, I would accept that as well.

I do indeed have full black (g) but I don’t have any other armor. :cry: :oops:

iced ill but the blue beret once i get beack on members likeon sunday ok my names dao124

ill buy beret
add me

i would buy red headband if i were a member… btw iced be ready for a hard day tommorrow the impostor seems to think he can send in spammers… :roll: well i would help but im not a mod… maybe i could help for tommorrow… well for me today… i have been good at spoting the imposter and spam especially on these newley started ones… i may send you a list of topics that need cleaned and people who i feel need to be ip banned or ip suspended… well im gonna head to bed again… :lol: maybe get some sleep.

sorry i was off topic but i thought you would see this here…