bank sale

includes :

guthlix page 75k (not sure on price correct me if im way wrong)
black pl8 (g) 100k
black kite (g) 75k SOLD
black helm (t) 25k
black kite (t) 47k
black legs x4 2k each
black b-axe x4 4k each
black hatchet x2 500 each
bronze throwing axes x 123 1gp each (100 for all)
pearl tipped bolts x45 3gp each
mith daggar x11 100 each
cut sapphires x2 100 each
steel pick axe 150 gp
mith hatchet 400 gp

post message her if u wanna buy something

most prices nogotiable

Guth page worth nothing like that… Try maybe 50k-100k

ok thanks sportfreak sum 1 told me other wise and im new to members i’ll change it

i`ll buy the black kite (g) for 65k

alrite sry kinda had to shre cpu lol
pm me in game and tell me where we can meet up
rs2 name juicy1234

I will buy all ur pearl bolts, saphs, bronze thrownaxes pm SAMRI72 in the game. Wut pg is the guth. I need pg 4 to complete my book. Hey who doesnt love a floating skull that cant make up his mind on what to have for lunch but it a god nonetheless.

I BUY BLK HATCHET. usually on from 3-4.

i’ll buy all the cut :smiley:

i’ll buy the cut sapph’s

i’ll buy the cut sapph’s my rs name is max29486