Bank Sale

For the item that you want to buy, say what you want and the price you are willing to pay. The lowest on the full addy set (no helm) is 450k. I know its not much, but the rest of the stuff in my bank is stuff I’m willing to keep.

I will buy the Addy (G) 450K. I will PM you in-game.

i will 5 law runes for 3000gp for all 5.

OK. I get on at 3:30 - about 4:30p.m. Central time. And then get on at about 7:30 - about 9:30p.m. tell me your RS so I can add you. If I turned Private chat on I would get so many messages!

find me at world 4! :wink:

My RSN is: Sir Jacob999
not sirjacob999 (not one word)