Bank sale!!!!

i am selling a

Rune platebody-80k
2 rune scimmy-30k each
rune legs-60k
rune 2h-60k
full green dragonhide-20k
power ammy-10k
addy scimmy-10k
4 uncut ruby-1k each
1 d uncut diamond-3k
400 mind runes-30gp each

hmm it seems your pricing everything way above average man nothin is gonna sell except those rubies

your prices are waaaaay outta wack ill buy a rune legs for 50k

dunno i never knew then ok the rune legs are 55k then

Ill take the minds if for 20ea.

i take the rubies and i offer 15k for full green drag
gandalf 2019

ill take all rubies

username: 1434sweet

ill take the addy scimmy for 8k add my pure, P K 123456 :slight_smile:

ill buy 1 rune scimmy