Bank Sale

offer for stuff

people who offer low will be ignored

ill give you 15k for all the mith bars?

no thank you

ill buy all rune ess 125k

275k on the guth kite?, 850gp on each of the rubies

ill pay you 13.35k for all the uncut saphires and cut saphires

ummmmm world 46 seers 30k for nats
rs name: mrhuggykins5

ill buy all iron arrows for 20 each which comes out to 169.5k

EDIT: nvm i dont wanna buy now just bought some

how much for all gems!!! i need them bad. willing to pay full price

375k for the guthix kite, and 3k each for all the diamonds (cut and uncut)

90k for the laws, 19k for the coal, 50k for the iron arrows, 12k for the mith, and 45k for the dragonhide sets. Total: 216k

250 ea on cut sapphire,275 uncut sapphires, 500 ea emeralds, 525 uncut emerald. Message me in game!

I’ll buy all those gems right now.

39.8k for all mith bars
10k for all mith ores
coal for 150ea
16270 for all da airs
53.8k for all da gems cut and uncut

username: 1434sweet

247k for full rune armour, rune scimmy and addy scimmy?
Add Ganym3d

I will buy all the minds for 5200 g

rs user: joseelbest :slight_smile:

how much for 1k steel arrows?