Bank sell, and good bye runescape

Well i am selling anything in my bank becuase ill leaving runescape along with runescaperealm to go play world of warcraft. So good bye RSR.
all must go)

if ur selling cheap ill buy…
all ur rune items 200k
all ur arrows 10k
all nats 20 each
all coal 100 each
all iron 25 each
all law 200 each
all gems 1k for all 4
all hides 50 each
all sivler (if that is silver) 50 each

Sorry to hear you are leaving runescape and rsr.
World of warcraft is an excellent game though.

May i ask why you are selling your items? Do you not have a friend to give it to or something? And what will you do with the cash?

Anyway… I am interested in buying some items. Maybe we can meet in game and make a deal?

can i buy 350 silver for 30k??

:slight_smile: Ill Buy Everything Pm Me Or Add Me In Game :slight_smile:

Bye, good luck with ur new hobby

if your leaving why arnt you giving them away?

anyway, good luck in WoW alot of my friends play it… good luck

Becuase all my freinds that can use my stuff dont need them, so im just selling it all and giving it away in a drop party. Then anything thats left ill give to my noob freind

I’ll buy all the rune stuff for 230k

Sure ill sell it ice, your allready on my freinds list. I am Justin_dark1

Ok, message me in game when you get on.

I’ll buy all silver 100 gp each
RSN: jaguar1230

OK, Ill buy the rune stuff. Uncuts. Cow Hides. Gold bars. Silver ores. And most of the runes.

When you get on Ill pm you and well meet, Ill count it all up.

Illl buy the stuff that are left over if there are some.
My RSN: ragnasoul2

Sorry to hear that you’re leaving both RS and RSR. Maybe someday you’ll just pop in for an hour?

I’m interested in buying the uncut diamond and ruby. You can private message me here or in game (ecco55555). Once again, good luck with leaving RuneScape.

fr33 st00f plox???

i might lve rs for WoW too i just got sory for double post

ill buy all rune 250k

I would just like to say goodbye

sure ill buy ur nats an laws. Talk to me on RS SN= lord black13