Bank size update poll

do you think the new update is really helpful in the long run?

personally, i think that the expansion is generally helpful for the all-rounded skills players… 48 new slots would be a very welcome addition for all those herbs, second ingredients, ores, new armour from castle wars, etc…

post your opinions!

well obviously no one is going to ay anything good about more bank space

of course its good! even if we didnt need it it would be good lol, out of all the past updates in rs2, i think adding bank space has been one of the best

I was nearing the end of my bank, I was glad to see the new update.

i like the new update but it should have been for non memebrs a member though so it dont really matter

I think it’s really good, with all the new updates and items coming out you got to have room for it all! :slight_smile:

it rocks

actually it shudnt b for free play as well…we’re paying for the updates!! y shud they get our money?!! think of it!!!

cool i think i sumhow missed that was it with the new chat things becuz as soon as i saw those i logged bak in to try them out!

i think it was a good idea cause im like a hermit lol i keep everything from the quests do so im runnin outta space lol