Banner Cut-Off is Ugly

Look under the text “Forums” it sorta cuts off… Can you change it? Its really noticable…

I don’t see what you are talking about. Would you mind explaining it a little more?

I think it is fine, you are just too look into small things like that. Perhaps you should make a new one :wink: that matches ofcourse. :slight_smile:

You mean this?

It doesn’t really bother me.

I suppose it’s just a case of adding a line though.

hows ya all angin im wit andy

:footinmou :devil: hows ya all angin im wit andy

Andy and Iced, I think Titan meant this: or not.

:fluffy: hi phonix :fluffy:

dat is bad it weird wana b frends on runescape

who is this crossbow guy?

wat u on bout???

hows she angin dat cut post ting is weird

You are new here so I will give you this. Please do not double post.

Maybe Gunz can cange it as soon as hees on again and has the time cause he made it(or its duke’s fault cause he acedentaly cut it)

Lol, Gunz didn’t make it…Gunz made the official runescaprealm homepage banner :wink:

well i saw that medal he had and i thought he made it but still maybe he can correct it

No-one knows exactly what he is talking about, so the assumptions may not be correct. If it was very ugly as thought of, I think someone would have noticed it by now.

I think I know what he/she is talking about ;). Read the above post I made.

but you did type

Notice the or not.

That was just for safety reasons, but I am 95% sure. I am innocent :slight_smile: :innocent: