Banner Spears!

I think it would be cool if a shop in Varrock sold banner spears. They would be a pole with a banner and a spear tip.

Maybe it could be a new f2p quest.

Some of the banners would be

>The Zamorak Symbol
>The Guthix Symbol
>The Saradomin Symbol

This would also be cool if it would be f2p.

What do you think?

That would be tight,and that would revolutionize Castle Wars.

Make it free but members get to design their own banners, like put a symbol or their initials on it. And that would be cool for capes.

WDIT: I think they would be used for clans =)

They already have spears which are simmilar to banners. Plus the would have to sauck.

if they have banner spears,how would people see ur initials?lol it would be too small for people to see,lol

i like the idea, but no customizing… jus sara, guth, and zammy. and the spears would have a spec to :slight_smile: zammy reduces magic, guth reduces def, and sra reduces pray points
but only like 3 points, and it wastes the whole spec bar :slight_smile:
edit:wdf is the eagle lion and dragon for?

eagle means i mave v sharp eyes,beware,loin mean i have a high str lvl,beware,lol,i just made those up,lol!!!

yea and like anyone who follows a certain banner gets a strength bonus or defense bonus or whatever

that is a sweet idea and for memebrs the zaross i dont know how to spell it cross

i think they should do it, and the banners should give a bonnus
like the banners in earth 2150, those give your units more exp
but i think that those should add some bonnus, like more resistance to magic, higher attack, but that way they would just need to make lots of flags, or maybe flags that would just make your attack, strenght and defence higher, because that meelers (i don’t know how to spell right) are the less powered of all the combat classes

i know,i think that they should make the banner spears a semi-rare item/weapon that you will get from randoms,then it would have certain that a good idea


Oo, I know!

They should be sold at an edgeville store. Note: God bonuses only activate in wilderness.

>Zammy (20k): Increases everyone around you wearing the same cape as you by +40 atk
>Saradomin (20k): Increases everyone around you wearing the same cape as you by +40 def
>Guthix (20k): Increases everyone around you wearing the same cape as you by +20 atk & def

O and forget eagle and lion lol

lol,too cheap,make it like rune prices

maybe like plus 5’s and 10’s

:blockhead -The dude

  • 5 and 10? Who would want it? They rather carry a rune weapon maybe the prices could be higher maybe 30k.

you are crazy for thinking +40 atk or def lol, thats more or equal to some dragon weps. BTW if that even happened I dont think jagex would make it for f2p, the only god stuff that f2p can have is god armor which is the way is should stay

whatever rsr is gay

btw that is japan pillar (i got banned for flamming look at my new name =) )

ok…now there 2 person which is banned in this thread…i like god armour,let just call the whole of this banner spears off shall we?

This is the coolest idea ever!