barrow equipment

i was wondering who thinks that the lvl needed to equip the new barrow sets is too high?
also who thinks that it would be better to have different metals instead of wierd names like instead linolium a.k.a. linol, lithium a.k.a. lith and like coal armor


Dragon(they don’t need repairin)

Dragon for a lot of reasons.


barrow because its gonna be worth about 70 mill(just guessing please dont flame)

whos gonna take the time to fix them ? if u in wild

Lol, depends whitch one is more expensive:P

Totally opposite from Lutenist!

Barrow is way better than Dragon!

Main Reason For That is For The 8O LOOKS 8O !

*The Champ is Here

Ok, but can some one tell me whitch is more expensive?

Dragon definitly, but the only barrow thing i would want would be the great axe

yea i agree

Uhh I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would wear barrows to the wild! Lol but I have to say dragon is better, since you don’t have to sheel out some gp to repair it.

i thing dragon and barrow r even.