??~?~ Barrows armor?? a few questions....

why are barrows good? wat makes them so special? and wats the difference between them all?
im not members yet but soon to be so im tryin to research them. your help would be good. ty

oh and wat are d longs and dd worth? ty

Here is all the info you need

thanks for that. :slight_smile:
still need price check for those 2 items tho.

edit. oh, need lvl 70 stats for em. for some reason i thought it was the same as dragon. oh wel… mite take me a little longer b4 i can weild em then.

Well, Dragon Longsword is worth 90k-100k, and Dragon Daggerz… Dunno. I know DDS though, they are worth about 50k. Hope that helps.

You can buy DD at the shop for 20k

oh k. ty guys.

err wrong there 30k at shop in zanaris… (lost city)

I don’t trust much in Barrows Armor,ALMOST defeated a full Dharok 11 levels higher than me in arena. It was a good battle,but with his level,he should completely poop me.

how difficult are burrows could a lvl 80 take me?

Barrows have their own unique abilites when you get the full set, like a special attack without that annoying bar you wait ages to load…

Barrows isn’t very hard. A lvl 80 will make it easy, but take like 5 prayer pots and watch ur prayer carefully they hit hard without prayer. Like dharok he hit 55s without pro melee. Just try it one time and u will like it :cool: . Only tog get good reward is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck!

barrows is good dharok is good if u want to hit high |verac lets you sometimes swing the flail and hit ur opponent like they arnt wearing armor|Guthan is good becuase if u have the full set its almost imposible to die| torag isnt that good the armor is awsome i use full torag with whip and a obby sheild

Dharock - hits VERY high if u have low HP

Guthan - Heals HP when u damage the enemy ( occasionaly )

Torag - Best Defence Armor In The Game - makes ur opponents run energy decrease when u hit them ( occasionaly )

Karil - Decrease opponents agility level when u hit them ( occasionaly )

Ahrim - Decrease opponents Strength level when u hit them ( occasionaly )

Verac - Ignores armor ( so like fighting a person/monster with no armor on )

Prices -

Guthan 10M - 11M
Torag 2.5M - 2.6M
Dharock 5M - 5.1M
Verac 6M - 6.1M
Ahrim 2.4M-2.5M
Karil 900k - 1M

Hope dis helps :smiley: