Battleaxe, woodcutting?

Can you use a battleaxe for woodcutting?

As far as i know, NO.

No you can only use a woocutting axe, in the game it’s just labeled “Axe”

They’re right you can’t use battle axes for wood cutting.

Nope, that’s why it’s called B-Axe…:stuck_out_tongue:

i have thoughed many times why not… It would be fun lol. But u really cant

P.S. Redwraith0 ur sig is way too big…



lol b axe for woodcutting…
o and garad what are u talkin about? ur sig is bigger than his…

lol my cousin wanted to chop trees and he spent all his money on battle axe he was so pissed

u cant but couldnt u cut with a bax in rs1?

i wish…but srry no