I think it would be awesome if there were battlefields made specificaly for clan wars. Kinda like the duel arena. That way it could just be personal, and maybe they could add some interesting terrain to the fields.

And it would be cool if anyone who died in a war didn’t come back to that war, but didn’t lose any items and just went to Lumbridge.


That would be pretty cool. I agree.

i love it

i disagree bout the not loseing nething part that would make it kinda pointless b/c their would be no spoils of war

Well the fights would be to see who has the sronger clan and maybe they could have a stake option Where every one donates the same amount of money and the winning team gets the money split between them.

Hmmm… kinda like duels…

Not a bad idea. Thanks fruitybird.

I thinkthat this is a good idea.
but would the battlefields give a field advantage to a mage. Like the hills would help an archers range or mountains can help a knight with a surpirse attack :?

Mountains might kinda help mages too.

Sorry, but I’m not very partial towards mages seeing as most of the people who pk me are mages… :slight_smile:

But if anyone has any ideas as to what would help mages… you know…

man mages dont need hills there cheap enough but i got an idead where u only lose 1 item but its the best 1 on u

They are already working on this, Please read the updates checklist, It’s on there.

where’s the update checklist?

Don’t worry about it,JAGeX will come out with it when they feel there ready to start making it\release it.

i think it’s a cool idea

I think Jagex is just getting flooded with new ideas and is doing them one by one.

Infiltrator is right, they can’t make/release them all at once, It would be an overload.

I thought there was already a terrain place called Battlefields in RS… Members world but yeah unless they put it there and are working on how it’s gonna work… Plus they scheduled to have something coming out this month on their updated world map… That castle looking thing with (Due Jan. 2005) on it…

its kind of gay that all these ideas go straight to the members world. Give it to the cheapies!

its a good idea, but it’d be very complicated to do :twisted:

u want my opinion i think its a great :!: 8) 8)

dude thats a cool idea kinda like castle wars but not anyone could join
like you would have to submit a list of the people in the clan