battlefront 2

who is your favorite jedi and also sith you can be in battle front 2?

i like darth maul and yoda/mace windu

battlefront II eh? great game, good story line to it. i absolutely HATE jedi’s\sith’s, they suck, die to quick. say ur health bar (light sabre) is this long
(almost dead)

when i get this far i cant gain life back, i just lose it, even when i kill enemies to gain life, which your susposed to do to get health back. it wont regenerate life.

but if i must say…

Sith: Darth Vader
Jedi: Obi Wan

I would have to say defineately Yoda for Jedi and Darth Vader for Sith.


Sith : Darth Vader/Emperor Sidious

Jedi: Anakin/Yoda

anakin is a sith, and when u play online he is on villans

Ok, Didnt know actually :frowning:

jedi:the two lightsaber girl

:blockhead -The dude

i havent played the game yet but can u be general greveious(sp)?

i think you can not sure but, here is a dialouge they should say:

Obi-Wan-Kenobi:You were suppose to kill the Sith not join him!!!
Anikain:OK then Obi I will kill him and I will be the Sith LORD!!!
Yes, I know it stinks i just thought of it off the top of my head