Bayonets( stab option with range weaps)

there r 2 kinds of bayonets crossbow bayonet consists of 1 blade.
while bow bayonet consists of 2 blades so not to obstruct arrows firing.
(a bow bayonet is right around ur hands when u use a bow its like 2 spikes on the side of the bow handle.)
u may smith a bronze Bayonet at lvl 10 smithing. 25 (iron . 40 (steel). 60 (mithril) 80 (admant) 90 (rune) dragon (droped by abysal demons)
DRAGON BAYONET SPECIAL ATTACK( to use all bayonets they must be attached to a weaon) : Dual atk. swipe ur bayonet dealing 150% normal damage knocks back oponent, then quickly shoots a arrow.
Dragon crossbow Bayonet (same as above)
cross bow bayonet is smithed by 1 bar
bow bayonet is smithed by 2
this is how bayonets are shown
:crossbow-crossbow(db) [dragon bayonet]
magic shortbow(rb) [rune bayonet]
yew longbow(bb) [bronze bayonet]
you may remove a bayonet by using remover
made by shear changed by Hovik of varrock.
there for u can use the same bow until u find the bayonet u want
Hovik also will change ur crossbow bayonet to a bow bayonet and vice versa for 5k

Aren’t bayonets those gun things that shoot out blades really quickly?

They don’t shoot blades a bayonet is a blade used to stab people at hand to hand combat. I’m not sure what to think about your idea. It is creative but runescape is based on midevil times.

shining sword is right any how would you fit a bayonet on a bow they are meant to fit on guns like during the civil war.

that is a very cool idea
it might be too advanced for the rs time period though

to sharp bayonets on the side of the handles.
cross? simple just like a normal gun!

hmm…sounds like a cool idea, you could also have different race bayonets (Goblin, Ogre, Dwarf, etc.) would using a bayonet count towards meelee xp or ranged or both?

maybe, and legend mail, ur sig is a little big

… does every one have to say that?
Bayonets ranged weapon have a option Jab which helps rangers at melee battles and not have to carry a melee weapon in case
counts as melee exp

Actually bayonets are made to stab people but someone that used to be in combat with bayonets said that once you stab someone and they die you can’t get them off, lol, so he said that they are mainly used to like slashing them in other bodies parts other than their stomachs or slapping. Lol. That is what I heard.

no offense but that idea sucks.

very cool idea. cept with dragon bayonets…not dropped by abbysil demons otherwise they will b like whips when they came out…expensive. instead mayb when u complete a certain quest u can buy em 4 so much.

cool idea i have another idea to only give bayonets to cross bow there for it won’t a as much discriminated

Don’t like the idea. I DO think there should be an option to melee when rangers have run outta arrows though. Even if it’s just a punch/kick potion.

Yes there needs to be an option for rangers when they run out of arrows… but bayonets??? What the heck are you thinking? They are used with GUNS not bows.
And this idea, if it gave range exp when u ran out of arrows, would lower the arrow prices.